In today’s Article we will see the articles in WordPress, how we can see the articles, add, edit, delete and much more. To go to the articles section, log in to the administration section and click on the “Articles” section located in the left menu.

Once clicked by default it directs us to the “all articles” page and a menu will open below which has some options like “New Article” that we can add an article.

All articles

On the “All Articles” page we see that we have created an article whether it is published or not. As we look at the page on the top left next to the menu has the title of the page and the button to create a new article, if we look to the right there is the option “View Options”, in the specific sub-menu that opens we can hide or display columns such as author, categories, tags, comments, and date. Exactly below we can choose how many articles we want to appear on the first page. There is also the option to show or not, an excerpt of the articles. Below the “View Options” option is the Article Search which helps us to search for articles if we have many.

New article

To add a new article we press either the button next to the title articles or if we are on another page we move the mouse over the word articles in the menu on the left and select from the submenu the word “New article” which will direct us to the page create a new article. On the “Add Article” page we can insert a new article.

In the first field that says “Give the title here” we put the title of the article and it automatically creates the link of the article where it will direct the user when he clicks on the title of the article.

Under the title we can add all the content. On the right of the screen there are the settings of the article, from the settings we can choose when our article will be published, if it is for control and many more settings that are for the publication of the article.


To go to the categories from the home page, point the mouse at the selection of articles and in the menu, click on categories.

On the categories page we can add, edit and delete categories. To add categories we enter the name, the short name (optional) the parent (optional) and the description in the left part of the screen, from the right we see the categories we have created. Also if we click on a category it opens the edit page.


Under the categories are the tags, the tags have the same system, the difference is that they do not have a parent.

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