All websites need some image files, videos and more. Multimedia is the wordpress section where we can import image files, videos, audio, documents etc. Multimedia is below the articles. Let’s see the multimedia section in detail.

To navigate to the multimedia we connect to wordpress and from the menu on the left we select the multimedia, it will immediately direct us to the library page and a sub-menu will open. On the library page we can import, edit and delete the files we have imported.

Looking at the library page we notice on the left is the title of the page, right next to it is the option “new file”, on the right there are the options, “view options” and “help”, below the title there is a box with the view options , a pop-up menu and the far right search.

Below we see the box that will show the files that we will have imported in the multimedia. We notice that it gives us some data like file, author, linked, comments, date.

New file

Selecting a new file directs us to the new media transformation page. Here we notice that it shows us a box and in the middle the option to upload files. The maximum file size is 3MB.

Let’s upload an image so we can edit it. There are two ways as you notice to upload the files, selecting the button will open a window to select our files, but not to look for the files, if we have the folder open we can drag them.

We have uploaded the file and we are ready to edit it.

Image editing

To edit an image, click on the image or if the media is in a list, click on either the title, the editor or the image.

Once you click on one of the three options it will redirect you to the edit page.

From the edit page you can change the title, add a caption, add alternative text, add a description of the image.

By clicking on the “edit image” button you can resize, rotate the image and crop.

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