The Pages section is similar to the articles. The big difference between articles and pages is that the pages do not have categories, tags and are not chronologically separated.

In WordPress pages are organized in many ways the two main ways are linear organization and hierarchical organization. We will talk about the organization of the pages below.

New page

To add a page we log in to the WordPress management system, as soon as we log in we point the mouse at the pages and click add new.

Once we click on the add new option it will direct us to the new page creation page, on this page we can put the title and the content of the page.

Page organization

As we said above, the organization of pages can be done in many ways, the two main ways are hierarchical and linear.

Hierarchical organization

In the hierarchical organization we create subpages within web pages, this means that when we create a website for car parts we can for example create a page with the title of brands and some pages with titles of companies. Another more obvious example is when we create a website for a travel agency where the main example page will say Greece and the subpages will mention the laws.

To create a hierarchy of pages we create the first page as we explained above, in the next pages we will create we select in the page attributes the parent page we want.

Linear organization

In linear organization we create links between web pages, a simple example of linear organization is the creation of a menu.

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