The settings are the WordPress section where you can make some configurations such as changing the user registration right.


In the settings section in general, you have the option to change some basic settings such as the site title.


In the edit settings section, you have the option to set the original category of articles, and set an email to publish new articles by email.


In the reading settings section, you can choose which pages you want as the home page and left page or if you want the latest articles to appear on the home page, it also has other settings related to the articles and comments.


In the discussion settings section, you have the ability to customize some settings regarding the comments your readers make to the articles you post.


In the multimedia settings section you have the ability to adjust the dimensions of the images that you upload to your site.

Permanent links

In the Permanent Links settings section you can adjust what your site’s URL will look like.


In the privacy settings section you can configure the privacy policy page. This section of the settings is new and does not exist in older versions of WordPress.

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