The best plugins and services

For a functional and quality website, you need to choose the best plugins so that it does not burden the speed and quality of the use of the website. There are several plugins on the internet that you can use but some are not as good.

In this article you will see what are the best plugins and services for your site. All plug-ins and services are tested on a real site and have been evaluated for their quality and load and to reduce site speed.

The best plugins and services

Rank Math SEO Plug-in:
Rank Math is one of the best SEO plugins for your WordPress website. It has many features that most well-known add-ons do not have. More information can be found on the official website of the add-on.

CookieYes is a great banner creation service for cookies without installing any plugins on your WordPress site. Creating your account guides you step by step through the creation and installation of the Banner. You can find more information on the service website.

Visual Composer:
Visual Composer is a great page builder, with this add-on you can design any page without knowing the code. You can create headers and footers to design the main part of your page, it also has many more features that you can find on the add-on site.

Envato Market:
Envato Market is a website that hosts thousands of WordPress themes and more. You can find any theme you want for your site in any category, it also has plugins.

By adding UpdraftPlus, you can back up your site so that you can recover your site again.

By adding WP-Optimize, you can optimize your site in many parts. Some of the parts you can optimize are database, cache creation, compression HTML, JavaScript, CSS to optimize images. You can tell more information on the add-on website.

With Really Simple SSL you can secure Unsecured parts of the site with SSL. It also has extra features to see how well encrypted and protected your site is. You can find more information on the add-on website.

PaidMembershipsPro is an add-on that will help you create a website and block all the articles and categories you are interested in having accessed by dedicated users. You can find more information on the add-on website.

ShapedPlugin is a company that provides great products for WordPress, they can help build and improve your website. You can find more information on the business website

Security Ninja:
Adding Security Ninja is a security system for your WordPress site. It provides many details that increase the security of your website and protects it from many cyber threats. You can find more information on the add-on website.

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