WordPress installation

In this article we will see the installation of WordPress on a local computer with a web server the wamp server step by step.

First we need to download WordPress from wordpress.org to a compressed file, as soon as we download the file we open it and unzip it. After the decompression we have to go to the respective folder of our local server and create a folder with whatever name we want. After we have created the folder we open the WordPress folder and we copy the files that it contains and paste them in the folder that we created in our local server. We are now ready for installation.

To start the installation open the browser and click on the url the following address localhost / websitetest in websitetest put the name of the folder we created on the local server and press enter.

Here it asks us to have the database name, username, username, database host and prefix, let’s go create the database.

To create the database, open a new tab and click on the url at localhost / phpmyadmin and enter.

On the phpmyadmin page we will click on the first menu option that is horizontal, ie the databases.

At the top it has a field to enter the name of the base and next to the composition. We enter the name of our choice, if we want in the composition we put utf8_general_ci or we can leave it like this.

Once we create the database we return to the wordpress page and press the “go” button, enter the database name, username and if we have a password we enter the password and click “Submit”.

Clicking submit makes the connection of the database with wordpress and if it is successful then it directs us to the page that tells us that it was connected, as soon as it tells us that it was done successfully we click on the “install installation” button.

By pressing the button it will direct you to the last process which is the installation. In the installation we put, site name, username, password, and email.

After entering the data, click “Install WordPress”, as soon as the installation is done, it should show you the end page.

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