The settings are the WordPress section where you can make some configurations such as changing the user registration right. Generally In the settings section in general, you have the option to change some basic settings such as the site title. Pension In the edit settings section, you have the option to set the original category …

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The WordPress tools section is an important element for all websites. This section has some systems that help manage the site and its members. All tools Clicking on your tools directs all the tools to the page, on this page you can convert the categories into tags and vice versa. Introduction Clicking enter leads you …

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The Users section shows all the users who have registered on your site. From the Users section you can create new users, delete and edit existing users. All members On the users page you see all the members who are registered on your site. You can easily manage all the members en masse by deleting …

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In the plug-ins section you can add extra features to enrich your site. An example is additional for creating forms such as contact form, order form etc. Clicking on the plug-ins menu directs you to the installed page where all the plug-ins you have installed in WordPress are located. In addition to how many plug-ins …

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In the Appearance section you can see the active theme of your site and what you have installed, customize it, create menus, add gadgets and more. In the website creation section we will analyze in detail the appearance of WordPress. Themes Themes are the first page you navigate to by clicking on the display menu. …

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In the comments section, the comments left by the readers are displayed, this section is addressed exclusively to those who create blogs. It can also be used for the “our news” page of a professional website. We will see the comments in the settings where we will analyze their settings.


The Pages section is similar to the articles. The big difference between articles and pages is that the pages do not have categories, tags and are not chronologically separated. In WordPress pages are organized in many ways the two main ways are linear organization and hierarchical organization. We will talk about the organization of the …

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